In the early days of the sugar plantations, lunch was a simple affair. Plantation workers gathered and brought teriyaki beef with rice and pickled veggies. Seated next to them might be their Filipino neighbors with their traditional dish of Adobo or a pork and chicken stew. The Koreans had their Kalbi marinated ribs and the Chinese brought a rice noodle and vegetable dish called Chow Funn.

Hawaiians were known for their Kalua Pig, roasted in an underground oven called an Imu. It wasn’t long before they began to share their foods with one another and the ‘Mixed Plate’ was born!  “Two scoops rice” and “One scoop macaroni salad” always accompanies the traditional plate lunch. 

The rice is essential because it provides the backdrop for the distinctive flavors of the main courses which, local style, counterpoint to the main courses while providing a small portion of vegetables such as finely chopped carrots and small dices celery, just the way the locals like it. 

The ‘Plate Lunch’ or ‘Mixed Plate’ is made fresh and available for you to enjoy at Taste of Hawaii’s food truck along the beautiful Oregon Coast within the town of Florence on Hwy 101!


Chef Christian Jakobsen

Christian “Kan Haole” Jakobsen was raised on Maui since a little Keiki. His father was a state known Hawaiian Cuisine Chef and Restaurateur for over 30 years.  Chef Christian Jakobsen has been preparing Hawaiian food with his father since a Keiki thru luaus and his father’s restaurant. Born from a Japanese mother, Christian has made sushi and Japanese food since he was 10 years old. After a 4 year stint in the U.S. Army Tank Corp., Chef attended culinary school on the Islands of Hawaii to broaden his skills.


A Taste of Hawaii

A popular Florence, Oregon based Food Truck traveling along the beautiful Oregon Coast with one main serve you the most flavor-filled Hawaiian fusion cuisine you have ever tasted! Follow us on Facebook , and keep in touch for location information and more!