Food Vendor Application

Chef's Name *
Chef's Name
It is difficult to fit more than 6. If you can list your workers by name, that is helpful. If you do not yet know who will be manning your booth, you may send names at a later date to Jakki. This information is necessary for getting everyone checked in the morning of the event,
Information for Program
Picture for Program
Chef Biography (1-2 Paragraphs)
Restaurant or Business Logo
# of Food Stations *
Remember that each food station means 1500 taste-size portions of food.
Food Description
Name & description of what you’re preparing. Remember, small “taste” size portion. You may prepare more than one dish even if you are only requesting 1 station. Many participants offer a tasting plate with a meat and a fruit or a chicken and a dessert for example to enhance their presentation: PLEASE INCLUDE WHETHER EACH FOOD IS: HOT | COLD | SALAD | SOUP | OR DESERT
Information for Volunteer Coordinators
Do you need volunteers? *
Very few chef assistants are available with 1st priority given to off-island participants. Will you be requesting chef assistants?
Mandatory Information for Health Department
Do you have a Catering Permit? *
(You are not required to have your own catering permit. We can get you a 1 day permit, but If “Yes,” skip to the cooking oil question.)
How will the menu items you are serving be prepared off-site, prior to arrival at the event? Please describe any pre-cooking, marinating, cutting, commercial packaging, assembly, etc.
How will the ingredients for your menu items be transported to the site? I.e. frozen, in coolers or other containers, purchased locally, stored in Rotary’s refrigerated or freezer containers, etc.
Will you have cooking oil to dispose of at the end of the event?
Supplies & Equipment Information
Please indicate what equipment you’ll need us to provide – It’s critical that you tell us NOW so we can arrange for everything you need! We’re not always.comble to supply specialty items, though we will try our best. Your equipment team this year are Chris Reyher (808) 683-8840 You may contact them or Jakki (512) 796-2381 with any questions or changes to your equipment requests.
Gas BBQ Needed?
Charcoal BBQ Needed?
(we only have a few of these)
Flat-top Grill needed?
Single Gas Burners needed?
Wok Needed?
Cooking Oil Needed?
Do You Need Chafing dishes?
Do you need Coolers?
Will you need Ice?
Electrical Power Needed?
Other Supplies
Check all that apply and we will order quantity based on 1500 servings per booth. If you are manning more than 1 booth and serving more than 1 type food item, we will contact you by phone or email for clarification of supply needs. Your supply coordinator this year is Dick Olsen You may contact him or Jakki with any questions or changes
Please specify and we will contact you about our ability to meet this need.
Other Information
Are you interested in participating in pre-event publicity?
If you are interested but off-island or afraid you may not be able to drive to KONG radio, we can sometimes arrange a remote interview with Ron Wylie or Mark Valentine on-air over the phone.
Please list any other requirements, comments, or requests including location requests.
Will you be accepting the $500 stipend this year?
Final Step
Final step! Please contact us at to fill out the booth schematic attachment to the best of your ability and return it along with this form. The health department wants to know how chaffing dishes, coolers, cutting boards and cooking equipment will be arranged in your booth
Do you have an employee you would like to nominate for a Rotary scholarship?
If so just type a letter of recommendation and send it to Jakki. There is no form to fill out. – A simple letter telling us why you believe this person is deserving of receiving scholarship money is all that we require. The submission can be a student at any four-year or community college and they do not have to be majoring in culinary arts. All submissions will be considered by the Rotary club of Kapaa. We will notify you and allow you to present the scholarship check to your employee in person before the 2018 Fall semester.
Specially priced tickets are available for Taste of Hawaii participants. They are $55.00 each plus handling fee and GET for a total of $61.38. Tickets can be purchased only on-line. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with a link to the on-line ticket purchase site. Tickets are limited to 10 per booth and 15 for any participant with two booths. Once you have purchased the tickets on-line, you will receive an email with your tickets attached. Simply print the tickets and distribute them to the attendees. You and your staff will not need tickets to enter thru the side the morning of the event. When you know who will be manning your booth, please send Jakki a list of names and indicate in any of them are under 21 years of age. Make sure that your staff knows to have I.D. ready to show when they enter the side gate early Sunday morning so that they can be wristbanded.
Information for Off-Island Chefs
FYI Your travel coordinator again this year is Shannon Donnelly (775) 815-0422
Off-island participants are invited to book their own flights. You will be reimbursed a flat dollar amount toward the expense of one round trip ticket.
Will you need the $100 stipend for off island participants?
Rental Cars
Limited to 1 Per station
Check in Date
Check in Date
Check out Date
Check out Date
Kaua'i Hotel Rooms
Limited to 1 per station for 2 nights
Please list any other requirements, comments or requests below including location requests. You may also use this space to draw a schematic of your booth layout if you wish.